Pentax Cameras and Lens Gear

Everyone uses Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. I did a lot of research and wanted something affordable esp. the lenses. I wanted something that I could upgrade and be able to interchange my lenses with other products like Canon etc. I love Pentax brand Cameras

For one, They are weather proof including the lenses and you can take these cameras out to just about any type of weather and there will be less damage if non at all you may not have that luxury with other brand names. I am currently upgrading from K30 to K70 and eventually K1 and would like to get a mirror less camera in this brand called Pentax

Eventually would like to try out the Canon brands. Those are so super Expensive so I really need to step up the photography game to be able to afford those.

But it is NOT the camera that makes the photographer great it is the skills and they eye that makes the photos work taking second and third looks with .

CHECK OUT PENTAX CAMERAS HERE So hard to pick a lens when I decide to go out and about I am always like would this lens work better then this one. So I created myself a cheat sheet lol.

I love all my lenses still need some key ones but they are so expensive even more then a camera itself so trying to save up and see if I can get the other lenses.

Lens Cheat Sheet

10-24 tamron – Indoor and landcape

18-55 pentax standard kit lens

17-50 tamron –landscape – Indoor -astro

18-135 pentax – walk around lens, landscapes

18-200 tamron –walk around lens, landscapes (to go lens)

28-75 tamron- portraits, landscape, concerts, animals and walk around

28-105 promaster - Landscape Lens and Macro close up

35 1.2.4 pentax DA portraits

50 1.1.8 pentax DA-portraits

50-200 pentax –Telephoto - portraits, sports/action, landscape

70-300 Sigma- landscapes, sports, walkaround

70-200 tamron AF all around great lens (need upgraded expensive version)

90- tamron- portraits , landscapes

100- pentax –portraits, landcapes



85 prime

70-200 updated version


135 prime

Fish eye

Updated 50 and 35



K30 Camera 2013 3 flashes

K70 Camera 2020

Coming soon Mirrorless

K1 II Pentax