Brockport Senior 2021

What I have learned about the senior Annaliese.

School colors are Blue and White the Mascot is the Devil.

Annaliese was a joy to work with this was our second photo session. When she was little we did a practice run when I was starting out in photography.

Below you will see our session then and now. What a difference time makes.

She wanted something totally different then other seniors the major thing this year is SMOKY BOMBS

so I made sure I had enough colors on hand. The other major thing was her Guitar. She loves Brendon from Panic at the Disco so she just had to be the best rock star. I love diversity of phots and ideas we both had truly made a great experience. Thanks ANNALIESE it was a great day!

Locations included the following

Chimney Bluffs

Sunken Garden

Sunflower Fields